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Neomi May makes beautiful, custom websites that effectively get your message out into the world–connecting you with more clients, growing your bussiness.

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Know where you need to go and how to get there.

We will review your business's current website strategy and determine the actions needed to arrive at your next level of success.



Be uniquely you. Let your values and essence be spoken through your web design.

Your website doesn't just look good, it has purpose. It is a vivid representation of your brand, which draws in viewers and authentically tells your story, creating strong connections with clients old and new.



Our custom creations help the world discover your amazingness.

We take care to craft well-working websites, optimally created for both a user’s experience and for search engine visibility.

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Case Studies

See where others began, where they are now and how they got there with our help!

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Neomi May Design is a boutique web design company, led by Neomi who lives a tropical life in Costa Rica.

"A Joy to Work With"

Clients appreciate Neomi May's personal approach, attention to detail, quick response and design and tech talent to deliver you a quality website. Click below to hear what clients are saying.

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