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Nancy Goodfellow Yoga

Nancy Goodfellow Yoga

International yoga teacher Nancy Goodfellow is based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and travels the world leading yoga classes and retreats. Nancy was interested in redoing her outdated website, on the do-it-yourself platform Wix. We decided to keep the site on the same platform since Nancy was already comfortable with it and wants to make frequent updates and increase her blogging.

The inspiration for her site was the natural beauty of her Costa Rican home and the rich elements of the tantric yogic tradition. We added a splash of color to keep the site vibrant and fresh, while yantras and gold elements of sacred geometry give added interest throughout the site.

Nancy’s site is easy to use. And keeps her students up-to-date on the latest workshops and retreats. Visitors are also encouraged to subscribe to her mailing list to be notified of newly scheduled classes and trainings.

Nancy’s site is spacious, clear and full of colorful images. Together the site reflects the beauty of her practice and teachings.

Check out the before and after of her website design.


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